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Youth Convention

As many as nearly 18000 youths of Surat city and the surrounding areas were lucky enough to make their life a success by attending a convention arranged on Saturday, the 10th Dec 2014 at Rajvadi Plot’s vast ground of Surat city in the divine presence of P.P. Hariprasadswami. All the invited guests who attended this vast meeting of youths in such a great No. were highly impressed by the marvelous devotion of this Youth Army. On this occasion, the saint leaders P. Premswaroopswami, P. Suhradswami, P. Anandswaroopswami, P. Sarvamangalswami and from holy place Haridham P. Guruprasadswami, P. Harisharanswami, P. Mahatmyaswami etc. as well as the Mayor of Surat city Sri Niranjanbhai Zanzmera, Sri Bhikhubhai Dalsania->BJP’s chief minister Guj. State, Sri Purneshbhai Modi->BJP’s chief, Surat city, Sri Vivekbhai Patel-> the chairman, Guj Hsg. Board, Sri Janakbhai Bagdana-> MLA, Ajaybhai Choksi->MLA, Sri Mukeshbhai Patel->MLA, Sri Prafulbhai Panseria->MLA, Sri Pradeep Singh Waghela (Chirman, Yuva Morcha, Guj State), Sri Karsanbhai Gondalia->president, Yuva Morcha, BJP-Surat and other social leaders like Sri K.D. Waghani, Sri Vasantbhai (Zenith Mill) etc. also were lucky to be present. In his occasional speech P. Sarvamangalswami explained the importance of discipline, right from sports up to the politics, by narrating practical incidents of real life of renowned personalities of different fields. He also explained to the vast congregation of youths as to how they could achieve their decided goals through discipline and concentration in their life. In the end of the meeting, P.P. Swamiji in His blessing address said that, the company of good friends and the contact/friendliness with real saints is inevitable in our life, we must make our eyes, ears and the tongue positive to be successful in our life and for this also, the presence of a motherly saint in our life is a must. He advised to call every member of our family by a respectful word “Tame” and asserted that the politeness and humbleness never develop in our life without the guidance/assistance of real saints. Every devotee dispersed with divine memories of this meeting after taking the meals.
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