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Atmiya Youth Shibir

With a noble cause of providing most valuable and excellent guidance to the present day youths as to how they can save and keep themselves away from the adverse, bad and harmful misguiding effects and habits of TV, mobile, social media and addictions and how to concentrate on studies, a shibir of 2 sessions in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Sarvamangalswami, P. Brahmavihariswami and P. Shashwatswami was arranged on Sunday, the 28th June 2015 in Diamond School on Varachha Road in Surat. 1200 youths from 5 zones participated in the 1st shibir while 1500 youths participated from another 5 zones in the 2nd part of the shibir. The saints were garlanded in the beginning of the 1st session of the shibir after which, Sri Prakashbhai Tank (M.B.A.) in his speech on “No TV …..No Movie” presented to the students present there, the calculations of the amount of rare and valuable of their time wasted after TV—Movies and called upon them to properly, rightly and gainfully utilize this time in appropriate advantageous way. This was followed by a dialogue on the subject “Social Media V/S Swamiji” prepared by the youths of the mandal in which, how a father turns back and saves his two sons from the harmful destructive effects of excessive/wrong use of today’s mobile and computer with love, care and warmth by properly guiding them was presented by a medium of small play. By watching this, the youths realized as to how and where they were going wrong and committing mistakes in their life and what is the importance of parents’ advice in the life. Then, Sri Vipulbhai Pastagiya said that, whatever distracts us from our studies or building our life career is the Maya-illusion and also talked on how to save ourselves from it. In the end of the 1st session of the shibir, P. Shashwatswami, while explaining in his speech as to how we can properly and rightly make use of Mobile – Computer – Social Media – Facebook – Whatsapp said that, the science does provide us a lot of useful and marvelous facilities/comforts but, whether they are utilized rightly and properly by us or not is taught to us by the company of our good friends and the saints only. Remembering P.P. Swamiji and talking about Him, he said that, P.P. Swamiji won the entire battle of His life as youth when He was in the services of His Guru (Master) because He had firmly stuck to 2 principles, never to remain free/idle/workless and never to allow at all even a minutest/smallest bad thing/thought in His mind/heart, meaning, always to see, eat, listen and think the right and proper. In beginning of the 2nd session of the shibir of another 1500 youths of the other 5 zones in the afternoon, Sri Tanmaybhai Patel from Atmiya Vidya Mandir first garlanded the portrait of P.P. Swamiji and then all the saints present there in the shibir. Sri Tanmaybhai has secured 96.4 % of marks in his exams of 12th Std. in science as well as has got admission in I.I.M. by clearing its exams for entrance at Indore out of 16,500 students there. In the 2nd session of the shibir Pankajbhai was explained and informed as to why we should not see/watch TV programs and movies and was asserted that, attending the youth meetings/gatherings in the satsang was inevitable. Then, Sri Chetanbhai Diyora, describing his own experiences said that, his life also was addicted of social media but, the positive company of P. Sarvamngalswami and of Jagdish uncle and their advice/guidance had changed the path/direction of his life totally. Then, Sri Pratikbhai Patel described as to what type of friends and company youths should keep and said that, the elders must always be obeyed/respected. Then, atmiya brother Sri Kolsawala said that, if we want to achieve success in our life, we must try to increase and establish our own values and must make the best and the maximum use our rare and valuable time and strive to achieve our life goals. Then, P. Shashwatswami said that, we must always possess pride/arrogance and be self-conscious in our life and must always remember nobility of our elders/predecessors. Describing the total transformation in the life of Mr. Manfred (P. Manibhai) living on the foreign soil of Germany (U.K.), P. Brahmavihariswami said in his speech that, the friendliness with saints is a must in our life too. Describing the benefits of drastic/radical positive changes brought about in the life of P. Rajalbhai, the regional saint leader of Shree Hari Pradesh P. Sarvamangalswami said that, this had become possible only by following the commands and principles suggested by Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji in the life and also described a few more examples of such ideal characters living totally sacred and exemplary life in the society as a result of P.P. Swamiji’s undescribable hard work in their life. In the end, the youths received the most appropriate solutions to their individual problems from the saints by consulting them personally. In this shibir, the youths got a real guidance to live real life and learnt as to how they could fight against obstacles in their life created/posed by illusions.
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